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meandmykidsFrom: The Desk Of Sara Marie James

RE: Getting much needed sleep for you and your child.

Dear Friend,

My name is Sara James and the first thing you should know about me is that I’m not a doctor.

I’m not a baby sleep specialist, either.

I never studied anything health or baby related in school. And, in fact, the only thing I consider myself an “expert” about is…

I Think I Know How Almost Any Parent In America Can Get Their Toddler To Sleep All Night, Every Night - Without Crying And Without Tantruming - In Just 3 Days Or Less.

I know… because I did it.

And I did it without tears, complicated night time routines, or spending any money at all.

Here’s what happened:

The first year after my son was born, he was a GREAT sleeper. He slept all the time! We had no problems getting him to take naps and we had no problems getting him to sleep at night.

My husband and I thought we had the perfect baby...

Then, out of the blue, he quit sleeping!

Literally, out of nowhere, he was waking up 10, 15, even 20 times per night.

This went on for 8 months.

Not sleeping affected his behavior and his mood.  He had a diminished appetite, was constantly cranky, and would throw a window-rattling tantrum at the drop of a hat.

I, too, was always exhausted, moody and easily agitated.  (And you know the old saying... when mommy ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!)

The lack of sleep was turning our lives upside down.

I was also very worried about how it was effecting my son's health.

You see...

A Toddler’s Growth And Development Can Be Damaged If They Don't Get Enough Sleep.

I read about studies from prominent Universities and trusted organizations like the National Sleep Foundation that showed how lack of sleep can definitely inhibit a child's ability to grow and develop to their full potential.

And, according to the world famous Cleveland Clinic, there many additional side-effects like...

  • Irritability/mood swings
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Decreased attention span
  • Aggression
  • Memory problems
  • Physical accidents

And it’s not just the child who suffers.  The mother is also at risk.

Studies have found that mothers of babies and toddlers with sleep problems are at higher risk of depression. And a mother suffering from depression may not be able to be emotionally available, sensitive, and responsive to her child, day in and day out.

Plus, lack of sleep for the mother can lead to accidents, serious health problems, lack of sex drive, premature aging, forgetfulness, weight gain, impaired judgement and an increased risk of death!

Needless To Say, I Was Pretty Freaked Out And Worried About All Of This!

So I asked my friends if they had any suggestions or advice on how I could get my son to stay asleep.

I was told to try sleep sound machines, baby massage, baby sleep cds, “crying it out”, using a sleep schedule, a bedtime routine, and even a few popular baby sleep books from

For two solid months I tried every different suggestion that was given to me!

But nothing worked! My baby was still NOT sleeping through the night.

At one point I even went to our Pediatrician. She told me that “it’s just a phase and your son will eventually outgrow it.

This made me feel a little better. But then, after another month of my son not sleeping, I knew this was NOT  just a “phase” he was going to outgrow any time soon.

I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer.  I HAD To Do Something To Get My Son To Sleep!

notesSo I started doing some research on my own.

I gathered information from every child sleep book, DVD, seminar, blog, journal, video and newspaper I could find. I ended up with more than 73 pages of handwritten notes.  I put them together in a blue plastic binder that I bought from Wal-Mart for $5.

Then I went through and eliminated stuff I already tried and stuff I didn’t think would work.

Finally, I edited the remaining information down into my own fast and easy, step-by-step, 27 page “sleep blueprint."

I was pretty proud of myself for putting it together... however... I still had NO idea if it was going to work.

So... imagine my shock and surprise when the first night after using the blueprint, Sam fell asleep in just twenty-five minutes and only woke up twice during the night!

The second night, Sam fell asleep in just twenty minutes and only woke up once!

Then... the third night of using my "sleep blueprint"...

He Fell Asleep After Just 5 Minutes And Slept For 12 Hours Without Waking Up Once!

I was blown away! Completely flabbergasted that it had worked so quickly...

SO flabbergasted in fact, that I wasn't quite sure if my Blueprint had worked ... or if it was just some lucky coincidence...  or just a flat-out fluke.

I honestly had trouble believing that it could really be that easy.  I kept thinking... could I be missing something?

samsleeping2But then... on the forth night, the same thing happened. He slept all night!  He didn’t wake up once…

On the fifth night, the same thing… he slept all night again!

My skepticism started to turn into belief!

My son has now continued to sleep, uninterrupted, for 10-14 hours almost every single night, for the last 3 years!

The Simple "Sleep Blueprint" I Created Worked! And It Worked Astonishingly Well! 

My blueprint had not only saved my son’s health, but my health and sanity as well.

I thought I'd go CRAZY if I didn't start sleeping.  Going without sleep for 8 months straight is something that they'd do in a movie to torture James Bond!

But it wasn't a movie... And I really felt it. As I'm sure you do, too!

That's why I can't recommend my blueprint enough.

It REALLY works!

And because of it's almost shocking effectiveness, I decided to put it into an easy-to-read eBook and offer it to other parents who have a toddler that isn't sleeping.

I call the eBook...


 "Sara's Toddler Sleep Blueprint: How To Get Your Toddler To
Sleep Through The Night In Just 3 Days Or Less"

Here are just a few of the powerful secrets you'll discover inside:

  • The astonishingly simple #1 secret to quickly getting your toddler to sleep through the night. (When I tell parents this strange secret, they usually don't believe me at first... then they try it themselves and are floored by the results!)
  • Why a simple game is the key to making your toddler feel relaxed, reassured, and ready for bed every single night! (Yes, bedtime really can be FUN when you use my Sleep Blueprint!)
  • This little trick used by every single Child Sleep Specialist in the country gets your toddler to fall asleep like clockwork every single night! (You won’t have to pay a Sleep Specialist’s outrageous fees to learn this secret because it’s fully revealed in my Toddler Sleep Blueprint!)
  • Why the use of a "sleep aid" is causing your toddler to consistently wake up in the middle of the night and how you can easily reverse this trend to get your child to fall back asleep all by herself! (This is the secret to getting a full, uninterrupted night's sleep every night!)
  • A strategy used by almost every desperately tired parent that actually causes children to get LESS sleep and wake up even MORE tired than before! (When parents stop doing this their child instantly starts sleeping better.)
  • A valuable tool that helps your toddler soothe himself to sleep. (He will no longer cry out for YOU to come in and help him, so you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to nurse him, rock him, or put the pacifier back in his mouth!)
  • Why having too many things in the crib or toddler bed can make it more difficult for your child to sleep. (Inside my Sleep Blueprint I'll tell you the exact number of toys and blankets your toddler should have so that it's easier for her to sleep at night.)
  • How to use the magic of "key words" to get your child mentally prepared for bedtime each night. (This is THE secret to preventing bed time tantrums!)
  • 4 simple and easy things you can do when your child is in bed that will instantly comfort him and help him relax. (When your toddler falls asleep fully relaxed he will be much less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.)
  • Put your toddler to bed at this exact hour to guarantee several more HOURS of uninterrupted sleep each night. Most parents are shocked when I reveal this odd bedtime hour... but when they actually do it are blown away by how well it works!
  • And much, MUCH more!

This is the simple, straightforward, easy-to-use toddler sleep guide I wish was available to me when I was struggling to get my son Sam to sleep at night. It would have saved me and my son MONTHS of tired misery.

But YOU don't have to wait months - or even weeks - before your child starts sleeping all night.

In fact, your child could be sleeping all night, every night, in just 72 hours (or less)!

Now, I know that it may not sound possible. You may still be skeptical. Or maybe you feel like your situation is different and you can't possibly get these kinds of results with your child.

Then check out what the parents below have discovered. They're all over the map in terms of their situations, ages of their children, and abilities - some have younger toddlers who had sleep troubles for only a month ... while others have older toddlers who hadn't slept through the night in YEARS ... and all they have in common is that their child wasn't sleeping.

Listen to what they're saying about my Toddler Sleep Blueprint:

"I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. We too tried everything to get our toddler to sleep but nothing worked. However, after using your blueprint for just a week our son Paul is now sleeping thru the night! My husband and I now have so much time each night to spend with each other. Paul rarely wakes up at night and usually sleeps about 12 hours. It's nothing short of amazing! I can't express how much it's changed our lives. Thank you!"

- Sara H. Elyse, Washington

"I really wish we would have tried this sooner. As I write this my 2 year old son is asleep in his crib. My husband and I are finally well rested. We feel like human beings again. Not to mention the fact that we are both thrilled to have the evenings to ourselves again. Thank you so much, Sara! We owe you our sanity!"

- Stephanie Hartman, Ohio

"I've never written a review online for anything before, so this is a BIG, BIG deal for me.  If you're an exhausted parent, try the Toddler Sleep Blueprint because it really does work. And it works really fast! We got our son Mark to sleep through the night in just 4 days.  If we can get it to work for our sleep deprived toddler, I KNOW you can get it to work for yours."

- Josh Bedink, Vermont

"Your Toddler Sleep Blueprint was so easy to understand and use! We were able to get our toddler to sleep all night almost immediately! This was definitely a lifesaver! I've already recommended this guide to all of my friends."

- Anne Bartozic, Hawaii

"I was writing to let you know that your Blueprint has worked absolute wonders with our daughter. She is so much happier now that she is sleeping. Your blueprint is so easy to follow and we saw great results within just a few days. Thank you so much!"

- Bethanie Weitzel, Indiana

"We are blown away by how effective your blueprint is. We are now in our 3rd month and our 3 year old, Max, is sleeping 11-14 hours per night. It's simply amazing. We used to be the parents who didn't get any sleep (for 2 years!) and we would be jealous of parents whos kids did sleep. But they're jealous of US now! I can't stop bragging to all of my friends about how well Max sleeps (my friends are probably tired of hearing about it). I didn't think I would EVER get to sleep a full night again. You are the best! Thank you!"

- Anita Sue Allen, Kentucky

"I call this my "Toddler Sleep Bible" and give this as a gift to every new parent I know.  My son was waking up every hour or two at night. Now, because of the "blueprint" we are all very well-rested and happy! I owe you so much! Thank you!"

- Brandy Stein, Ohio

"It’s to the point, easy to read, and very easy to follow. Other “baby sleep” books I’ve purchased were terribly written or the author spent most of the time bragging about his or her credentials. Sara’s Toddler Sleep Blueprint is not like that at all. I got through the entire book in about 40 minutes and put it to use that same night. I highly recommend this book to any parent who wants to get their toddler (or toddlers) to sleep quickly with little to no struggles."

- Jessica Weincleweiz, Illinois

Sound good? No matter what your situation is ... with my sleep blueprint you can quickly and easily get your child sleeping through the night.

And because getting a full night's sleep every night is so important ... and because I know my Sleep Blueprint will allow you to finally once again have those rejuvenating, energy-replenishing, full night's of sleep you desperately need ... I am NOT going to ask an arm and a leg for it.

Now, my husband Patrick, bless his heart, wanted me to charge $297!  He reasoned that he would have gladly paid that much to get our son to sleep through the night.

And I agree. I would have paid a pretty penny, too!

But we are not hurting for money and I don’t want this to be financially "out of reach" for anyone.

So I’m not going to ask $297 for my Toddler Sleep Blueprint.  I’m not going to ask $97. I’m not even going to ask $47!  All you have to pay to finally get your toddler to sleep through the night in 3 days (or less) is just $19.95.

That’s less than it would cost you to take your family out for dinner. Less than the cost of a night at the movies. It's really just enough to allow me to keep this website running.

  • Imagine how great you and your toddler will feel after just that first night of uninterrupted sleep!
  • Imagine how great it will feel to be able to put your child down at bed time and not have to worry about him or her until the morning! (Think about all the things you will do when you finally have your evenings free! My husband and I have been using our free evenings to catch up on all of the Netflix shows we've missed.)
  • Imagine waking up rested, relaxed, and fully awake so that you can attack each day with the gusto and energy you used to have before your children were born.
  • Imagine not having to worry about your son or daughter having their growth and development stunted because of lack of sleep!

You can make all of this happen right now.

Your Purchase Is Completely 100% Risk Free!

60-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

If at anytime in the next 2 months you and your child aren’t sleeping soundly almost every night... if you and your baby are not waking up almost every morning feeling rested, rejuvenated, and downright fabulous... if your family isn't amazed at how energetic and happy you and your baby have become...  or if you are simply not satisfied with the Toddler Blueprint in ANY way... just send me an email and I will quickly give you every dime of your money back.

No hassles.

No questions asked.

Plus, you can keep the Blueprint even if you ask for a refund.

That means you have zero risk. And you can technically use everything free, if you want to.

But, because of how well it’s worked for me (I've used it successfully for both of my children) and many other families, I don’t think you’re are going to ask for your money back.  I honestly believe the day you read my blueprint will be one of the happiest days of your life and, almost immediately…

You And Your Tired Toddler Can Start Getting Restful, Rejuvenating Sleep, All Night, Every Night, Faster Than You Thought Possible!

So go ahead and order now. It’s simple.  All you have to do is click the button below.

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Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose here except sleepless nights for you and your child. If you don't get the results you want, you get all of your money back.

So click the button below to download your copy now!

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Remember there's also NO RISK! You have a FULL 60 days to try my guide and see for yourself just how powerful it really is. If, for ANY reason, you feel it isn't for you, just email me and I'll give you every penny of your money back. No hassles. No questions.

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To a good night’s sleep,
Sara James

P.S. As my grandmother said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn’t work. So, if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’ll be in the same place next week (or even next month or next YEAR).”  You may be tempted to try and wait for your child to simply outgrow these night-time wakeups and sleep through the night on their own.  Unfortunately, research shows that 90% of children who are having sleep difficulties will continue to do so for three or more YEARS... so the old saying, “They’ll outgrow it,” just isn’t true.

Look, I know you don't want to have to wait several years before your child starts sleeping through the night. That’s why I’m offering my quick and easy Blueprint for such a low price. And why I’m guaranteeing it for 60 days. It worked wonders for me and for hundreds of other parents.  I KNOW it can work for you, too.  Act now and you can have your toddler sleeping through the night in just 3 days or less!